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Health Services Solutions
Delivering Exponential Value Across Diverse Markets
Delivering Exponential Value Across Diverse Markets

There are numerous challenges facing our healthcare system every day, including increases in chronic conditions and healthcare costs, shifts in population demographics, and the move from volume to value. At the same time, consumers expect a more personalized care experience, economically viable choices, and engaging digital opportunities.

Our CaféWell Platform connects consumers directly with health services including benefits providers, care management services, content creators, and pharmacy resources to create a unified resource platform.  We help enable your program or solution for the population that needs it most, in order to drive positive results.

What Makes Welltok Different?


Big Data,
Made Relevant

We are the only SaaS consumer health technology company with advanced analytics at the heart of our solution. We go beyond traditional healthcare data and use our proprietary consumer database of more than 275M consumers to predict individual risk as well as program receptivity and impactibility.


Organized and Highly Configurable Ecosystem

We have developed an easy-to-use and customizable interface that integrates actions, rewards, and results – all in one place. With this system, you have the tools you need to continuously self-administer and configure your offering over time, in order to drive year-round digital engagement.


Best in Class
Enterprise Security

Our solution is fully HIPAA compliant and HITrust CSF Certified, and our award-winning security team keeps your data safe at all times.

Solution Components for Health Services
OA Laptop


Intelligent Design to Predict, Manage, and Optimize Employee Engagement

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Digital, Data-Driven Ecosystem to Engage and Reward Healthy Behaviors

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Multi-Channel Communications

Tailored Campaigns to Sustain Engagement and Improve Program Outcomes

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Hygieia Wellness Selects Welltok to Power Employee Wellbeing Nationwide