Welltok Analytics Helps Population Health Managers Measure What Matters Most - Welltok l Consumer Health Activation
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Welltok Analytics Helps Population Health Managers Measure What Matters Most


Welltok Analytics, formerly Predilytics, today announced the expansion of its Quality Insight offering, enabling health plans, care management organizations, ACOs and other risk-bearing organizations to improve member and patient quality ratings such as Star and Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) measures. Several of the nation’s top health plans that currently leverage Quality Insight can now expect even more impressive results, which include improved quality scores, increased member retention and reduced outreach costs. Quality Insight accomplishes this by targeting the right individuals with the most impactful programs based on their receptivity to different outreach channels and messages.

The Quality Insight offering provides consumer-level insights and tools that reveal an individual’s risk of compliance, utilization, satisfaction, retention and receptivity to various outreach programs. Utilizing predictive models and advanced analytics, Quality Insight then prioritizes member outreach based on compliance, their propensity to change and communication preferences. Results generated by Quality Insight to date include up to 20 percent improvement in medication adherence and test compliance, 20 percent improvement in program outreach, and as much as 30 percent reduction in outreach costs per engaged member.

“Organizations often struggle to identify the most impactful programs and engagement channels for their at-risk populations, especially at the individual level,” said Phil Fiero, senior vice president of Welltok Analytics. “Through our unique predictive modeling capabilities, we generate meaningful and actionable insights that enable our customers to identify the real opportunities for quality improvement, compliance and cost savings through a highly optimized and efficient approach.”

Welltok Analytics, part of the leading consumer health enterprise Software as a Service company Welltok Inc., combines customer-provided population data with its proprietary consumer database of over 270 million Americans to create a deep level of consumer insight that drives significant improvements. Welltok Analytics builds predictive models to stratify populations based on individuals’ needs, receptivity and likelihood of achieving a desired outcome, which increases the effectiveness of customer campaigns. In addition to Quality Insight, Welltok Analytics has a robust portfolio of advanced services including:

Consumer Acquisition and Retention – Identify individuals who are likely to be attracted to a brand, program, product, or plan and determine who may be a retention risk Care Directions – Identify the high risk, high cost individuals and the appropriate interventions to generate costs savings via care management programs Risk Adjustment – Identify emerging or unknown disease burden and optimize risk revenue capture programs Learn more about Welltok Analytics at the upcoming RISE West conference in Scottsdale, Arizona from September 15-16, 2016 at booth 36 or visit http://info.welltok.com/qualityinsight

About Welltok, Inc.

Welltok, Inc., developer of the healthcare industry’s first consumer enterprise platform, is transforming the way population health managers guide and incentivize consumers to optimize their health. The CaféWell Health Optimization Platform® organizes the growing spectrum of health improvement and condition management resources, obtains unparalleled consumer insights through advanced analytics, and leverages multi-channel communications to connect consumers to the right resources, at the right time. Health plans, employers and other sponsors now have an efficient and effective way to engage, activate and reward consumers, which drives greater healthcare value across all types of populations, from kids to seniors. Follow @Welltok