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Join physical, emotional and financial programs to improve total wellbeing
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Our Total Wellbeing Solution

Employers have traditionally struggled to know if their wellbeing programs are delivering the most value to their business and population. Sound familiar? Welltok eliminates the guesswork by identifying your employees’ needs upfront and optimizing program design. Our smart mix of proprietary data, advanced analytics and multi-channel engagement motivates and rewards individuals for taking action to improve their total wellbeing – physical, mental, financial and social.

Solution Value

Smart program design that aligns the best programs with the right people

Deeper understanding of your population
and what they need and want

Easy access to all relevant resources
for each person in one place

Use multiple channels of communication based on the ones that work for each person

More actions and value from the programs and incentives you’re already invested in

On-demand answers to
benefit questions

Solution Results

Increase in
actions completed

Case Study

Increase in monthly usage
of wellbeing resources

Case Study

Reported health

Case Study