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Provider Solutions
Driving Strategic Growth for
Leading Health Systems and Hospitals
Driving Strategic Growth for
Leading Health Systems and Hospitals

With ongoing healthcare reform and many challenges presented by a value-base payment model, providers will need to embrace new ways of doing business.


Tea Leaves Health, a Welltok Company, delivers a comprehensive outreach and engagement solution that allows providers to understand and analyze their current patients, acquire and retain new customers, engage physicians who deliver the most value, and track growth opportunities in real-time.

Through targeted, multi-channel outreach campaigns and intuitive business intelligence platforms, Tea Leaves Health can help you establish relationships with patients and physicians to drive action and health results.

Solution Components for Providers

Identify, communicate, and engage with the best prospective patients in your market, then measure the success of each campaign.

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Pinpoint, track, and communicate with physicians and other providers who are critical to your growth. Then use the Physicianology dashboard to analyze physicians by services line, geography, and affiliation, and view referral patterns to build stronger relationships.

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View patient data and clinical characteristics, strategic marketing initiatives, provider data trends, as well as demographic and market intelligence information – all in one central location.

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Value We Deliver for Providers

Open Enrollment
Drives New Patients

15,000 new patients obtained

Case Study

Reversing Cardiothoracic Leakage

260% increase in surgeries for two surgeons with the most leakage

Case Study

Joint Campaign
Drives ROI

$766 return for every $1 spent

Case Study
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