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Medicaid Health Plan Solutions
Improve Quality, Care Management and Engagement
Improve Quality, Care Management and Engagement

We know that Medicaid plans manage diverse populations with very different needs, making it a complicated challenge to effectively communicate, coordinate care, and promote prevention services.


Communication is the foundation of a member’s experience and getting individuals engaged in their health is a difficult challenge to face. Yet there’s also no holistic view of communications across the entire organization to understand population and individual engagement. Uncoordinated messaging leads to lower quality outcomes, disengaged members, and suboptimal spending on ineffective outreach.

Welltok helps Medicaid plans close-in on population and care management disparities to better manage contact information, prioritize interventions, increase health literacy, and improve outcomes. We help you target the right programs for the right individuals with the message and communication channel you know will get them activated. Better yet, as you build population and individual engagement profiles, you’ll also know precisely how to keep everyone engaged.

What Makes Welltok Different?


Big Data,
Made Relevant

We are the only SaaS consumer health technology company with advanced analytics at the heart of our solution. We go beyond traditional healthcare data and use our proprietary consumer database of more than 275M consumers to predict individual risk as well as program receptivity and impactibility.



Precisely identify members with critical gaps in care, including who will actually be receptive to the message and take action. Use tailored, multi-channel outreach to maximize funds and resources, improve quality and outcomes.


Best Practice Engagement Strategies

Having transacted more than one-and-a-half billion communication touches in the last 15 years, we are outreach experts. Our multi-channel methodology and barrier-breaking messages drive results in diverse populations.

Solution Components for Medicaid Health Plans
OA Laptop


Intelligent Design to Predict, Manage, and
Optimize Employee Engagement

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Tailored Campaigns to Sustain Engagement
and Improve Program Outcomes

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Digital, Data-Driven Ecosystem to Engage
and Reward Healthy Behaviors

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Gain Total Visibility and Control of Population
Engagement and Communications

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Value We Deliver for Medicaid Health Plans


lower recertification failure rate
Case Study

Boosting Childhood


targeted members 3X more
likely to get a well-child checkup

Case Study

Targeted SMS Outreach to Improve Engagement

reach rate
Case Study