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Highly Targeted Outreach
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Highly Targeted Outreach Powered by Advanced Analytics

In today’s marketplace, healthcare costs, consumer demand for personalization, and the burden of complex program administration all continue to rise and impact population health. We created SmartReach to empower you with analytics-driven insights and targeted multi-channel outreach. The combination of these services is proven to maximize resources, lower cost, boost plan ratings, and improve member experience and outcomes.

Welltok’s SmartReach combines the power of our vast proprietary consumer database with your existing data to predict individuals at risk, those most impactable, and their most receptive channels. We use those predictions to deliver the right message at the right time based on individual preferences. The result is an optimal allocation of resources and maximum return on investment.

More Accurately Predict Needs and Preferences

We combine your data with our consumer database to more accurately predict who is at risk, who is most impactable and their most receptive channels.

Deploy Highly Targeted Communications

We utilize predictive insights and best practices learned from delivering 1.5 billion communications over 15+ years to deliver the right message at the right time based on individual channel preferences.

Flexibility to Address Your Biggest Challenges

From quality interventions to medication adherence, coordination of benefits, and more - SmartReach is the solution you need to address today's biggest healthcare challenges.

With most initiatives, you are working with limited time, money and resources. SmartReach is the solution you need to get the most from your investment and resources.

What Makes Welltok Different?


Proprietary Consumer Database

Our database, based on 275M Americans, includes 800+ variables that go way beyond claims data to better predict individual needs and preferences.


Tried and Tested Engagement Tactics

We bring over 15 years of best practices built on more than one billion highly targeted multi-channel outreaches.


One Solution, Many Possibilities

SmartReach provides a flexible and powerful framework that addresses the challenges you’re working on every day. From medication adherence to coordination of benefits, hospital readmissions and more, SmartReach delivers value to your bottom line.

Value We Deliver with SmartReach

Increased outreach
precision rate by

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Improved targeted
Star ratings by

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Medical cost savings
from readmissions
avoidance programs

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