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Be Well

Welltok’s Rewards Services help you optimize incentive design
and manage the execution of successful rewards programs
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Learn the 5 factors to incentive optimization.

Expertise That’s Rewarding for You

We are industry leaders with over a decade of building and managing thousands of programs, including participation, outcome and condition-specific rewards. With experience managing over 40 million reward transactions, we’ll provide a framework to simplify reward design, optimize your reward spend to drive the right behaviors, as well as manage program execution and fulfillment.


Plus, our experienced team will help you navigate and manage the constantly changing legal and regulatory environment to help keep you compliant, and focused on delivering a rewarding experience for your population.

A Rewarding Experience

The flexibility of our technology enables us to deliver a personalized rewards experience across a broad spectrum of programs and activities, as well as multi-modal reward types and values. We use a variety of data (e.g. demographics, preferences) to personalize various elements of the consumer experience from content and earning opportunities, to program design.

It’s a Win Win Win!
You’ll see more engaged consumers resulting in increased program participation and greater consumer satisfaction.

Cash in on the Benefits

Sophisticated Program Design

Align your populations' health risks and goals to the right mix of reward types and values to drive desired behaviors and maximize program results.

Best-Practice Reward Packages

Expedite program implementation and leverage our consumer motivation research with best-practice reward packages to maximize engagement.

Turnkey Administration

Centralize administration, optimize spend, automate fulfillment, and track program progress to refine and reward effectively over time.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Ensure your programs are legally compliant and meet the laws, rules and regulations that govern health reward programs.

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