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Engage with plan programs
to build loyalty
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Our Member
Retention Solution

Take an innovative approach to retention from day one and nail the key touchpoints that drive stickiness and member loyalty. This means getting ahead of potential disenrollment risk, delivering a better welcome experience, and improving the annual plan change process – while also serving up personalized resources for total wellbeing.


Solution Value

Predict exactly who will disenroll and proactively reach out to prevent it

Deliver a better welcome
and onboarding experience

Move to smarter and efficient annual
plan communications

Create a year-round retention-focused experience across channels

Boost engagement with
current programs

Retain happier members that
participating in their wellbeing

Solution Results

Decrease in disenrollment rates across a targeted population

Case Study

Disenrollment star
rating improvement

Case Study

Outreach success rates
for our targeted campaigns

Case Study