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Exponential Value from Exceptional Service

To ensure our customers and end users are maximizing the value of our platform, we offer the following professional services and operational support capabilities
Should You Build or Partner on a Consumer Health Platform?

Professional Service Offerings

Solution and Program Design

Our market segment and subject matter experts partner with you to determine how to best utilize the CaféWell platform to address both your unique needs and challenges, as well as the individualized needs of your consumers.


Leveraging our extensive expertise in consumer engagement and behavior change methodologies, our engagement teams assist in designing strategies to maximize utilization of our platform. We also conduct regular in-depth program evaluation and provide recommendations based on data points collected with every interaction of the platform.

Cognitive Computing Services

We train IBM Watson to create our CaféWell Concierge Virtual Benefits Agent— a 24/7 self-service tool to help consumers navigate their benefits and reduce call center volume. We create a custom experience for your consumers by training Watson on your benefit content and delivering personalized responses for any benefit related queries.

Solution Delivery Services

Based on findings from platform deployments with related populations and proven methodologies, we offer expertise on everything from data migration and resource integration to configuration and implementation.

Customer Success & Account Mgmt

Our account management team works closely with you to understand your business challenges and key objectives. The team is responsive to your changing needs, conveys industry best practices and shares Welltok developments.

User Support

CaféWell is a user-friendly platform, which does not require extensive support or training for end users. However, in the rare event that end users or platform administrators need support, we provide services for technical questions and reward fulfillment.