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Professional Services
Ensuring Maximum Value to our Customers
and End Users
Exponential Results from Exceptional Service:
Ensuring Maximum Value to our Customers and End Users

Welltok’s Professional Services are here to help you with the design, development, and implementation of the perfect solution for your organizational needs. Regardless of which platform or service you use, we provide comprehensive support that enables success from start to finish. Through platform set-up and configuration sessions, curated education and training opportunities, and program design discussions, we closely partner with you to deliver ongoing surplus value.

What Makes Welltok Different?


Truly Configurable Experience

Each of our offerings is fully configurable, and we design each program with your brand and population in mind. We also provide targeted support based on your specific requirements so that you can choose which topics your team needs training on.


Best Practice Strategies and Expertise

We have tested, designed, and executed implementation strategies that deliver real results to our partners.


Best in Class
Enterprise Security

Our solutions is fully HIPAA compliant and HITrust CSF Certified, and our award-winning security team keeps your data safe at all times.


Professional Services Offerings

Solution Design

Determine how to best utilize Welltok’s platforms and services to address your unique needs, as well as the individualized needs of your consumers. By leveraging our extensive expertise in data analysis, consumer engagement, and behavior change methodologies, our ProServ team assists in designing strategies to maximize your results. We also conduct regular in-depth program evaluations and provide recommendations based on data points collected with every consumer interaction.

Implementation & Configuration

Receive best-in-class project management and configuration guidance during onboarding or when there are changes to your current configurations. Our proven onboarding methodology optimizes the chances for on-time, on-budget launch and includes:

• Implementation Scoping

• Implementation Planning

• Project Management

• Platform Setup

• Population Configuration – Eligibility File Processing

• Profile creation

• Content Configuration

• Rewards Rules Configuration

Welltok University Training

Provide your users with the skills they need to confidently and successfully use our platforms. We provide instructor-led and self-guided trainings that create user self-sufficiency across a variety of areas:

• Administration and configuration

• Reporting and analytics

• Data management

• Troubleshooting

• Group onboarding

• Coaching Platform

• Communication Capabilities

• Rewards, fulfillment, and device integration

• And many more…


Improvement in subject
matter competency with
Welltok University