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Welltok’s Suite of Products

The Third Essential Platform™
Welltok offers a variety of products to engage consumers and connect them with relevant resources.

Our products help population health managers identify, target, and reach target consumers. We strategically apply big data and machine learning to optimize wellbeing program development, and guide organizations in activating their populations with their own health.

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CaféWell organizes the growing spectrum of health and wellbeing resources into a unified, highly personalized, and rewarding consumer experience.

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Welltok’s Concierge is an AI-powered chatbot that leverages IBM Watson to provide on-demand answers to user’s questions about benefits and healthcare costs.

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Opportunity Analysis

Opportunity Analysis helps you predict, manage, and optimize your program design strategy to deliver the most value to your business and population.

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Welltok’s DataWise solution is the best way to supplement your current analytics efforts with robust consumer data and social determinants of health.

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SmartReach combines the power of our vast proprietary consumer database with your existing data to predict individuals at risk. Then, we use those predictions to deliver the right message at the right time based on individual preferences. The result is an optimal allocation of outreach resources and maximum return on investment.

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Products for Provider Organizations

Identify, communicate, and engage with the best prospective patients in your market, then measure the success of each campaign.

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Pinpoint, track, and communicate with physicians and other providers who are critical to your growth. Then use the Physicianology dashboard to analyze physicians by services line, geography, and affiliation, and view referral patterns to build stronger relationships.

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View patient data and clinical characteristics, strategic marketing initiatives, provider data trends, as well as demographic and market intelligence information – all in one central location.

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