Welltok l Optimizing Health, Maximizing Rewards | Welltok Acquires Leading Healthcare Analytics Company Predilytics
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Welltok Acquires Leading Healthcare Analytics Company Predilytics

DENVER, CO – May 19, 2015

Consumer Insights to Enhance Personalization Capabilities Within Company’s CaféWell Health Optimization Platform

Welltok today announced the acquisition of leading healthcare predictive analytics company, Predilytics. The acquisition adds another powerful layer of consumer intelligence and analytical capabilities to Welltok’s CaféWell Health Optimization Platform, providing even more personalized guidance for consumers and delivering more value and insights to health plans, at-risk providers and other population health managers.

Predilytics uses machine learning and propriety technologies to more accurately segment consumers based on risk, receptivity and impactabilty, which ultimately provides more actionable insights. Leveraging these capabilities and insights, Welltok is creating the healthcare industry’s first analytics-driven consumer enterprise platform that not only identifies which consumers to target, but also engages them with the most relevant health improvement resources and incentives. This provides a highly personalized, rewarding experience for consumers, as well as helps population health managers optimize their spend.

“For too long, healthcare analytics has been focused on what the patient is doing, rather than the consumer. The data is largely clinical, retroactive and inadequate to understand the needs of consumers,” said Jeff Margolis, chairman and chief executive officer for Welltok. “This is why Predilytics is so incredibly important – it strives to understand consumers and gain unparalleled insights on behavior and preferences before they engage with the healthcare system.”

Predilytics was one of the first companies to commercially apply machine learning and computer science technologies to understand the healthcare consumer. It has curated and analyzed data for 250 million consumers, creating a deep level of consumer insight that drives significant improvements across entire populations. Using 1,600 variables from consumer, healthcare and proprietary data resources, Predilytics addresses key healthcare questions such as who needs your help, who wants your help and how you can help them.

“Predilytics has advanced health analytics by understanding consumer intent and interest,” said Chris Coloian, chief executive officer and president for Predilytics. “And, now with CaféWell, we can close that loop to activate consumers. Also, since the platform obtains immediate feedback on engagement, we can use that data to further personalize the experience and guide the consumer.”

Added Margolis, “The CaféWell platform has the capacity to engage, activate and reward consumers, but before we can do any of that, we have to understand who the consumer is and where they are. By combining Predilytics insights with our existing capabilities and partnerships, including leveraging IBM Watson’s cognitive computing technology, we can now help entire populations become happier and healthier at a lower cost.”


May 19, 2015