State of Colorado Takes Next Step to Become Healthiest in the Nation with Welltok - Welltok l Consumer Health Activation
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State of Colorado Takes Next Step to Become Healthiest in the Nation with Welltok

DENVER, CO – August 10, 2016

The State of Colorado (State) and Welltok, developers of the CaféWell Health Optimization Platform®, announce the next phase of a multi-year collaboration to make Colorado the healthiest state in America. More than 60 percent of eligible employees have participated in the health and wellness program available on the CaféWell platform, with an overwhelming majority (88 percent) finding it valuable. Building on success to date, a new phase of the program is rolling out that will focus on rewarding health behaviors like getting flu shots or completing preventive screenings. Additionally, a new collaboration with Delta Dental will connect employees to oral health resources and content, such as My Delta Health Score, videos and children-specific education.

“As one of Colorado’s largest employers with 31,000 benefit-eligible employees, we saw an opportunity to not only lead by example, but also realize the benefits of a well workforce – healthier, happier, more productive and loyal employees with lower healthcare costs,” said June Taylor, executive director of the Colorado Department of Personnel & Administration. “Three years later, I am proud to say that the State of Colorado is leading the way as a health-minded employer – and both our employees and the State are benefitting.”

Additional successes to date, including findings from recent survey of 1,886 State employees, are:

  • Employees (60 percent) have a better perception of the State as an employer with the availability of CaféWell;
  • Nearly three quarters (71 percent) of respondents feel their health has improved since joining the program, including feeling less stressed (41 percent), losing weight (38 percent), feeling happier (32 percent) and having more energy (28 percent); and
  • In addition to feeling healthier, employees also feel more educated about their health (77 percent) and their benefits (38 percent).

“The State is committed to employee health and is leading the nation in this endeavor,” said Scott Rotermund, co-founder and chief growth officer at Welltok. “As more employers, both public and private, look for ways to cut rising healthcare costs, Colorado stands out as a shining example of how to do it right. With the diverse needs of an employer like the State, which spans more than twenty departments, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. The State embraced the opportunity to provide a flexible program that encourages health optimization and education for all employees through a variety of incentives. They set the standard, and we’re here to help the entire nation reach it.”

In 2013, the State embarked on their journey to better wellness with Welltok in order to tackle two key challenges: address the needs of a highly diverse and mobile workforce, and provide a seamless experience for all employees, regardless of their health plan or benefits. The CaféWell platform provided the State with a unified, but flexible solution that successfully engaged its employees, helped them achieve health goals and utilize available benefits.

About the Colorado Department of Personnel & Administration

The Colorado Department of Personnel & Administration’s mission is to provide quality services to enhance state government success. From human resources to central services, procurement to payment, administrative courts to financial reporting, DPA is working together to serve Colorado.


August 10, 2016