Colorado Access Taps Welltok to Improve Medicaid Member Communication - Welltok l Optimizing Health, Maximizing Rewards
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Colorado Access Taps Welltok to Improve Medicaid Member Communication

DENVER – May 31, 2018 — Colorado Access, a leader in providing excellent access to quality care, is now leveraging new technology to improve communications to its million-plus members. The Colorado-based nonprofit health plan serving Medicaid and Child Health Plan Plus members announced today a collaboration with Welltok to coordinate and streamline member communications. Welltok’s EngageME solution organizes and prioritizes all member communications to avoid redundancies, identify opportunities for consolidation and increase engagement with multi-channel outreach.


“Communication with members about their health care is extremely important and often complicated by regulations and requirements,” said Gretchen McGinnis, senior vice president of healthcare systems and accountable care at Colorado Access. “Working with Welltok should allow us to take a more strategic and holistic view of our member communications. By improving both the relevancy of what we send and how we send it, we are more efficient with our dollars, and ultimately better serve our members.”


EngageME is the first enterprise-wide solution that identifies, optimizes and resolves uncoordinated communications, and is proven to reduce costs and increase member engagement and satisfaction. Colorado Access can now track every piece of communication, including; explanation of benefits, preventive services, billing and everything in between. The platform also captures and stores member channel preferences (e.g., email, text, mail, automated voice) to improve delivery and maximize lower-cost methods. EngageME also prioritizes communications and staggers delivery to reduce overload and noise.


“Medicaid dollars are stretched thin, so it is vital to optimize every dollar spent and communication sent,” said Rob Scavo, president and COO for Welltok. “We are honored to be working with Colorado Access to advance the quality and delivery of their communications, and support their mission of helping members obtain and maintain a healthy lifestyle.”


May 31, 2018


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