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Atlantic General Hospital Taps Welltok’s Tea Leaves Health for Provider Relations and Referral Management

Hospital Seeks to Deepen Patient Relationships with In-Network Provider Referrals


DENVER, March 26, 2019 – Atlantic General Hospital, a regional hospital serving Maryland, Virginia and Delaware residents, is dedicated to providing award-winning and coordinated care for its residents and visitors. To better support the providers serving their community and help grow its referral network, the hospital has entered a multi-year agreement with Welltok


Through the partnership, Welltok will help support and improve Atlantic General Hospital business development and provider relations needs by taking a data-first approach to strategic growth. Leveraging Welltok’s Physicianology™ software, the hospital will have a greater strategic understanding of its physician network and where they are referring patients to for additional care services, tests or procedures. Physicianology combines internal and external data (e.g., claims and consumer data sets) to understand and affect the behavior and referral patterns of physicians in the market.


“As a community-based organization, we want to ensure we are keeping patients within our network to provide optimal care, deepen relationships and grow. We pride ourselves on the genuine warmth and concern our providers exude for patients at a personal level and we are seeking a way to more effectively help them retain and support those individuals with preferred referrals,” said Amy Hedger, health services liaison for Atlantic General Hospital.


Atlantic General Hospital can now pinpoint, track and conduct outreach with physicians and other providers critical to the growth of the organization through Physicianology. The solution allows the provider relations and business development teams to analyze and manage referral patterns, and better understand how physicians are interacting to build stronger relationships and provide guidance. For example, a physician may be referring a patient to an offsite screening center. Physicianology would identify the potential of external referrals and educate the physician that the procedure could be conducted at the same facility, which saves the patient time and money, builds brand loyalty and keeps the revenue within the hospital network.


“We found this solution provided a more comprehensive data set, which allows for more specific targeting and intel, along with better workflows for their liaison team to communicate with providers,” Hedger added.


“Physicianology was specifically designed to help executives understand and affect the behavior and referral patterns of physicians in the market,” said Simon Bradstock, Welltok’s provider market president. “In many cases, providers are simply unaware that they could be referring to a peer and would prefer to do so. We’ve created a solution to systematically identify these opportunities to educate physicians, better facilitate referrals and ultimately help high-performing organizations like Atlantic General Hospital thrive in their community even more.”


May 1, 2019


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