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Engagement Services
Getting it Right: Multi-Channel Communications with Impact
Getting it Right: Multi-Channel Communications with Impact

Our Engagement Services leverage over 15 years of experience driving healthcare consumers to take action by delivering the right communications at the right time. The flexibility of our services enables us to deliver millions of personalized communications at scale, ranging from simple flu vaccine reminders to sophisticated, multi-gap-in-care reminders. We will help you successfully connect and engage individuals and populations through targeted, interactive, multilingual, and HIPAA-compliant messaging.

We have designed and executed more than 80,000 programs, conducting more than 1.5 billion communications on behalf of the nation’s largest health plans, pharmacy benefit managers and other population health managers. Drive engagement by delivering the right combination of automated calls, email, SMS text, direct mail, web and live agent calls based on consumer preferences and needs. We provide the expertise and data on when, where, and how to engage consumers at every stage of their health and life.


What Makes Welltok Different?



We have conducted more than 80,000 communications campaigns, including over one billion communication touch points for the nation’s largest health plans, PBMs, and disease management organizations.


Right Message, Time, and Channel

We help you understand how individuals want to receive information and identify barriers for that individual to take action. Leverage our expertise to reach members using all available channels including IVR, mail, email, SMS/text, live agent, web, mobile, and even health coaching.



Our team of experts help you systematize your outreach across the calendar year – delivering highly targeted and coordinated campaigns based on individual needs.

Key Capabilities

A full spectrum of proven methods for engaging your target population, aligning the best
methods or combination of methods to address your specific business goals.

Automated Campaigns

Automated calls provide an efficient means of informing and interacting with members to gather and store key information. Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capabilities are fully compliant and highly scalable. With our Engage & Transfer capability, you can also combine IVR campaigns with Live Agent support. Whether for announcements, surveys, or to collect preferred communication channels and digital opt-in permission, we have the expertise to help you accomplish your goals.

Email Campaigns

Email is the most preferred communication channel among all age groups. Work with us to quickly configure and execute email campaigns using your copy applied to our best practice scripts and HTML templates, including multiple options for frequency, visuals and segmentation.

Live Agent, Call Center Support

Specialized call center capabilities built on our strategic partnership with TTEC, the industry leader in call center solutions. We offer seamless integration of multi-channel campaigns with live agent services. Agents are highly trained and focused exclusively on healthcare.

Multi-Channel Campaigns

Take a holistic approach to reaching all members using all available channels. Leverage our expertise across the spectrum of channels including IVR, mail, email, SMS/text, live agent, web, mobile and even health coaching. Our best practice weaves multiple channels together into a seamless and engaging consumer experience.

Text Campaigns

Communicating via SMS/Text is the fastest growing channel for reaching both millennials and baby boomers. Combining your copy with our best practice templates, we can quickly deliver key one-way messages, hyperlinks or opt-in campaigns on a regular basis. Just make a few key decisions about frequency, scope and language and you’re up and running.

Campaign Configuration

Data intake and management, standard reporting, and program design alignment

Engagement Service Offerings

Quality Improvement

Address all major HEDIS measures and Star ratings to maximize plan performance and dramatically improve outcomes.

Member Retention

Increase brand awareness, retention, and member satisfaction with services that help you identify disenrollment risk and collect member preferences.

Pharmacy Improvement

Facilitate basic “transactional” outreach such as refill reminders, as well as more complex targeted medication adherence for multiple medications.

Plan Administration

Uncover operational efficiencies and maximize campaign outcomes through call center capabilities, coordination of benefits and subrogation solutions, and collection administration.

Engagement Scores

Understand how individuals have engaged in the past and the likelihood of engagement in future outreach.

CaféWell Engagement

Ensure maximum value from your CaféWell investment through targeted engagement strategies. From our standard services of email reminders and promotion support to premium options including custom branding across the entire platform

Value We Deliver with Engagement Services



in approximate plan savings

Case Study

Increasing Statin Medication Adherence


improvement in refill rates

Case Study

Flu Shots


of members got flu shots

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