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Retention Solution
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Don’t Play Hard to Keep!
The Technology You Need to Drive Better Retention

The first impression is really important. Even more so, all the ones that follow. With the Welltok Consumer Activation Platform™, you have the technology to aggregate and deliver programs specifically designed to strengthen plan satisfaction and loyalty – all while getting members activated in their overall health.


We identify members at risk of disenrollment, and help you deliver a one-of-kind, personalized and year-round member experience designed to drive retention – important to your seniors, your Star Ratings and your bottom line.

Welltok offers a coordinated engagement model that delivers a tailored experience that helps you engage and activate members starting on day one of enrollment.


Whether it’s regulatory communications like ANOCs or regular reminders of plan value, we bring it all together and make it easy to personalize, target and measure impact. The result is a seamless experience built to keep members engaged, informed and active.

Platform Capabilities


Precisely identify members at risk for disenrollment with our advanced analytics and unique consumer data, including social determinants of health, and also determine who would be most receptive outreach and likely to stick with you


Build a personalized and calendarized approach to your key retention initiatives and campaigns to gauge satisfaction and improve retention. Facilitate a better welcome experience and support members with tailored communication for plan changes


Get a holistic view of member activation with retention campaigns and programs. Make informed adjustments that can maximize value

Solution Features

Disenrollment Risk

With our proprietary consumer data (800 variables on 275M individuals) and predictive analytics, know in advance who is likely to disenroll and conduct campaigns to prevent it

Best Practice

Take a targeted approach to ANOC strategy with our tiered multi-channel campaigns to communicate, educate, or provide support depending on the degree of plan change

Best Practice

Leverage our extensive experience and start on the right foot with a great welcome experience and gauge overall satisfaction

Best in Class
Enterprise Security

Our solutions ensure regulatory compliance, privacy
and security for you and your consumers

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Deliver a personal, rewarding and actionable
experience for each and every consumer

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Delivering Value for Medicare Advantage Plans

Member Retention


Decrease in
disenrollment rates

Case Study

Star Ratings


Increase ratings
from 2.5 to 4 Stars

Case Study

Outreach Success


Of target audience reached
with retention campaign

Case Study