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Medicare Quality Gaps in Care Solution
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Reach for the Stars!
Technology to Power Your Gaps in Care Initiatives

The key to closing gaps in care isn’t just about delivering the message – it’s about driving action. We built the Welltok Consumer Activation Platform™ to do just that. Engaged members mean improved health outcomes, higher Star Ratings, and more revenue. Our solution allows you to deliver personalized health interventions, such as gap-in-care prompts, preventive screenings and medication adherence reminders.

Using our predictive analytics, you’ll know in advance what potential barriers exist for individuals to close gaps. We help you deliver the right message to the right member at the right time, through the right channel. Our unparalleled technology integrates with your current environment and increases the value of your existing programs.

Platform Capabilities


Use unique consumer data, including social determinants of health, and advanced analytics to understand your population and reach members with tactics that will motivate action and close a gap


Deliver a highly personalized, calendarized experience that drives and rewards specific actions to close a gap like flu vaccines, screenings, annual eye exams or wellness visits


Get a holistic view of member activation with gaps in care campaigns and programs. Make informed adjustments that can maximize the value of all your programs

Solution Features

Unique Data &
Predictive Analytics

Know in advance what will work, or not, with predictive insights into your population by leveraging our consumer database of 275M individuals and 800 variables

Action Plans

Bring everything together to guide and motivate consumers to take actions that close gaps, making it seamless, easy and rewardable

Best Practice 


Leverage our extensive communications expertise to get more value from your gaps in care campaigns

Integrated, Compliant Rewards

Easily tie rewards to key actions, increasing engagement, optimizing costs and automating data management and fulfillment – all while remaining compliant

Best in Class
Enterprise Security

Our solutions ensure regulatory compliance, privacy
and security for you and your consumers

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Deliver a personal, rewarding and actionable
experience for each and every consumer

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Delivering Value for Medicare Plans

Gaps Closed


Of targeted gaps in care closed among identified populations

Case Study

Actions Completed


Expressed intent to complete identified health actions

Case Study

Annual ROI


In annual ROI by improving quality measures

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