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Growth Solution

Are you struggling to drive top-line growth or minimize revenue loss? Then arm yourself with the data-driven insights and tools proven to acquire more patients, drive more use of high-margin services, minimize referral leakage and manage your risk. Our solution leverages proprietary data, advanced analytics and multi-channel engagement technology to target and activate the right consumers to drive strategic growth for your organization.


Solution Value

Exclusive market insights for
strategic decision support

Higher service line growth through better patient acquisition and retention

Lower network leakage and
increased physician referrals

Capitalizes on lower
cost digital channels

Supports future growth and
patient journey initiatives

Happy patients and
consumers using your brand

Solution Results

New patients acquired by
regional health system

Case Study

Increase in referrals by
keeping within network

Case Study

$766 return on every $1
spent on outreach campaign

Case Study