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News You Can Use

News coverage featuring expert commentary, Welltok updates and industry trends

An Inside Out Approach to Employee Wellbeing: A Guide to Resilience Training Programs

Michelle Snyder, Chief Marketing Officer at Welltok, discusses how a children’s Pixar movie can teach employers a lesson or two about resilience and emotional health.

3 Employee Experience Hacks You Should’ve Adopted Yesterday

Three strategies on how America’s fastest growing companies keep their talent engaged and excited.

Here’s What a Healthcare Exec Does at Night to Make His Days Productive

For Rob Scavo, President and COO of Welltok, a successful day starts the night before. Rob discusses his daily routine and strategy for ensuring a great tomorrow for himself and his team.

13 Tech Startups Around the World Reinventing Healthcare and Medicine in 2017

Welltok makes the list of healthcare and medical-related tech startups around the world that are ushering in a new age of medicine.

Welltok, Health Catalyst place on Inc. 500 list

Ranked at number 278, Welltok made it on the Inc. 500 annual list of fastest growing privately-held companies – again.

Bluecross Blueshield’s Enhance Digital Wellness Tools

As the demand for digital health tools continues to rise, BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York has introduced an enhanced digital wellness platform, MyHealth, developed in partnership with Welltok.

3 Analytics Strategies to Amplify Health Plan Member Engagement

Welltok shares three strategies on how health plans can use analytics to enhance plan holder communications and engagement.

IBM Aims to Tackle Employees’ Financial Stress

Having great benefits isn’t just about having a good 401(k) plan anymore. Employees want perks that will promote wellbeing and help ease financial stress.

Population Health Management Must Transcend Claims, Medical Records

Insurers and healthcare providers need to look deeper into data beyond claims and medical records to get to the heart of population health management.

How Artificial Intelligence Could Make Healthcare More Affordable

With every politician in DC focused on solving the problem, high healthcare costs remain a thorn in the average American’s side.

Self-Awareness and Self-Care are Critical to Women Leaders’ Success

April Gill, VP of Analytics Solutions at Welltok, shares her top five best practices for finding a better version of herself while meeting market and industry needs.

Welltok’s Michelle Snyder reveals new healthcare paradigm?

Reena Jadhav interviewed Michelle Snyder of Welltok at Vator Splash Health on the new paradigm of building a consumer centric healthcare platform.

Is data collection key to a successful wellness program?

The collection and analysis of consumer data can provide insights to employers and healthcare organizations.

HealthPartners Inks Deal with Welltok to Add a Personalized Care Tools for Members

HealthPartners tag teams with Welltok to create personalized well-being programs for their group plan members.


Paging Dr. Chatbot? Not so fast

From understanding a caller’s tone to accelerating treatment to machine learning, see how chatbot technology can revolutionize the healthcare industry.


Making wellness programs personal

Joel Spoonheim, Director of Health Promotions at HealthPartners, knows that to get consumers motivated and use a wellness program aimed at improving their health and well-being, each program and interaction must be personal on an individual level.

Word from the C-suite: ‘Consumers becoming more responsible for their health’

Jeff Margolis, Chairman and CEO of Welltok, points out that individuals are becoming more responsible for their healthcare needs rather than turning to their providers for answers.


How Healthcare Can Win In The World Of Big Data: Analytics in the world of healthcare

SVP of Analytic Services, Phil Fiero, takes a deeper dive on Analytics in the World of Healthcare and shares 6 Best Practices to Apply Analytics in Healthcare.

Taking the 5D approach to health

Carrie Williams, Health Optimization Manager at Welltok, explains why true health and wellbeing go far beyond the scope of exercise and healthy eating.


Health Care Management on the Rise for MBA Students

Welltok’s Bernie Zipprich discusses why an MBA in the health care management sector can provide an opportunity for self-growth and social impact.

#HealthITChicks Spotlight Interview: Kathleen Ellmore

This month’s spotlight shines on Welltok’s engagement services team member.

Only 20% of employees get flu shots, but engagement can turn that around

From a targeted communications strategy to the “second chance offer”, Kathleen Ellmore, VP of Engagement Services at Welltok, dives deep into what it takes to get employees engaged in healthy behavior, like getting a flu shot.

4 Strategies to Improve Employee Health Engagement

New research confirms that employee health and well-being programs are not only good for employees, but for the company’s bottom line.

Financial incentive for employee wellness isn’t just speculation, study shows

From next-generation wearables to predictive analytics, healthcare technology is helping employers gain greater ROI from workplace wellness programs.

Women Who Get IT

Miriam Paramore talks with Snyder about her work and what keeps her engaged, why it’s critical to help women thrive, and also about the pursuit of the ever elusive “balance.”

Rob Scavo: Seasoned Enterprise Healthcare IT Executive Joins Welltok as President and COO

Rob Scavo is a veteran healthcare technology executive with 28 years of selling and delivering enterprise software for the healthcare industry.

Health IT Changes the Game for Workplace Wellness

From next-generation wearables to predictive analytics, healthcare technology is helping employers gain greater ROI from workplace wellness programs.

Welltok Combines Media for Healthcare Outreach

As technologies thrive, so too do patients’ habits, expectations and needs.

Welltok, Teletech Partner to Create “Human Touch’ Experience for Health Consumers

Welltok and Teletech, a provider of customer experience, engagement and growth solutions has announced a strategic partnership.

ACA Repeal Could Affect Future of Wellness Provisions

After great effort to resolve apparent conflicts between the ACA and older statutes, including the Americans with Disabilities Act, a repeal of the healthcare law may send regulators back to the drawing board.

4 Overlooked Steps When Creating A Wellness Program

Laurie Gondek, SVP at Welltok, discusses how personalized programs can deliver higher ROI for organizations and what four questions they should address when building a well-being program.

New Watson Health focus targets healthcare consumers

IBM Watson Health enters the healthcare consumer marketplace using CaféWell to identify consumers are risk for illness and to build a personalized health plan.

Welltok Announces Watson Enabled CaféWell Health Optimization Platform

Welltok has announced that it has partnered with IBM Health to leverage the new capabilities of Watson Health to engage people in wellbeing and health

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