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Total Visibility into Population Engagement and Communications
Tackle Today’s Biggest Communication Challenges with EngageME

Health plans face the urgent challenge of supporting a new consumer-centric model and delivering a positive engagement experience. Communication is the foundation of the consumer experience, yet there’s no holistic view of communications across the entire organization to understand population and individual engagement. Uncoordinated messaging leads to disengaged members, lower satisfaction, and suboptimal spending on ineffective outreach.

Welltok’s EngageME® is the communication engine you need to meet this challenge:

    • Gain total visibility into your population and individual members.  See who has received communication across the enterprise, through which channels and understand the likelihood for future engagement.
    • Reach members based on their preferences, ensure compliance, and prevent over-communication.
    • Optimize your outreach costs. Identify opportunities to combine messages and maximize lower-cost channels.

What Makes Welltok Different?


360° Population View

Build profiles for the entire population, segments, and individuals to understand which members are engaged and how.


Longitudinal Records

Resolve duplicate identities, capture and comply with member preferences, and store communication history to understand and improve engagement over time.


Contention Management

Prioritize communications and stagger delivery to reduce abrasion and optimize spend by leveraging electronic contact information.

Key Features of EngageME

Identity Resolution

Consolidate duplicate identifies based on a broad set of demographic attributes versus a single data point (primary key).

Opportunity Optimization

Identify opportunities to reduce costs by modeling various scenarios, including number of targets and cost by channel.

Member Profiles

Aggregate all data collected on a member (e.g., third-party-, plan-, and self-reported), highlighting the best outreach methods with “best value” indicators based on actual engagement.

System Agnostic

Integrate communications and campaign data from all sources, all in one place for the entire enterprise.

Engagement Scores

Understand how individuals have engaged in the past and the likelihood of engagement in future outreach.

Actionable Information

Review real-time and trend data for communication activity by program, population and individual.

Value We Deliver with EngageME

saved on immediate business changes

improved member

messages identified and eliminated for a Medicare plan