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Total Wellbeing
Solution for Employers
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Streamline the Employee Experience, and Yours Too

There is a growing need to improve the employee experience in ways that make a meaningful impact.  Employers are increasingly hoping to encourage employees to take advantage of all available wellbeing resources, help employees feel supported in their total wellbeing journey, and improve employee perception and affinity.


Using our proprietary consumer database, including social determinants of health and machine learning, we help you understand your employee population’s needs at a deep level. Our predictive models reveal which programs will be most valuable and who to target in order to curate a highly-relevant and personalized experience for each employee and their dependents.

Welltok makes it easy to aggregate health and wellbeing resources – yours, those from our Connect partner ecosystem, or any third party vendor you already use – in a central location, providing seamless web and mobile access to all content and programs. You can brand the interactive experience with CaféWell, our popular consumer-facing brand. Or, amplify your own brand with a premium experience design option. We also enhance the user experience with targeted rewards, on-demand access to AI chatbot technology, and the data you need to know what’s working and what isn’t.


The results? Reduce costs through better benefit and resource utilization, improved outcomes, and healthier, satisfied employees.

Platform Capabilities

Pre-Integrated Program Marketplace

Leverage analytics and predictive models to identify exactly which programs will improve employee total wellbeing and create business value, whether from Welltok’s pre-vetted, utilization-based Connect Partners, or your own

Predictive Insights

We bring proprietary consumer data to the table that supplements your data and reveals population needs, optimizing program investments and increasing utilization. We help you identify which programs will be most valuable, who to target and deliver a truly personal experience for employees and their dependents

Multi-Channel Communications

Our robust communication options span from high-touch to high-tech, and activate your population with the resources that are pertinent to them. These resources cover all of the pillars of health, and are centralized in our easy-to-use web and mobile experience

Rewards Management & Fulfillment

Incentives are a proven method to drive engagement. Leverage our experience aligning incentives and rewards with targeted actions and behaviors to get the most out of your reward dollars. Offer variety too, we can fulfill any reward type from gift cards to premium reduction

Best in Class
Enterprise Security

Our solutions ensure regulatory compliance, privacy
and security for you and your consumers

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Deliver a personal, rewarding and actionable
experience for each and every consumer

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We are Employee
Activation Experts

Welltok has helped employers across the nation organize benefit, health, and wellbeing resources into a unified, highly-personalized, and rewarding employee experience.


In fact, we were selected by the Health Transformation Alliance, a co-op of 50 major corporations, as its principal partner for consumer health engagement. Welltok stood out for our data-driven approach to more effectively get employees actively involved in their health with the right programs and incentives, as well as evaluate and optimize program effectiveness.

Why HTA Selected Welltok
Delivering Value for Large Employers



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