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Making All the Right Connections

Connect Partners serve as the link between third-party resources and the CaféWell Platform
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Welltok organized 36 different partners for IBM employees

Create Your Ecosystem

Enhance the experience for every consumer by select from a curated list of industry-leading Connect Partners, including programs on general health and wellbeing, condition management, benefit education, and much more!  With Welltok, you can build a targeted experience for your consumers that goes well beyond traditional programs and leverages best of breed content and activities – all integrated with the CaféWell Saas platform.


Gain cross-program insights into program activation and completion, program performance and opportunities for increasing engagement – all in one well-organized place with the highest level of security and privacy.

Ecosystem Offerings


Our enabling technology allows seamless integration, delivery and management of third-party resources into the CaféWell platform and provides single source management and cross-program insight.


Choose from a growing set of curated, integrated Connect Partners or integrate your own resources. We make these turnkey and help to optimize spend through utilization-based pricing. Easily incorporate resources into your rewards and incentive programs to further boost engagement.

Vendor IntegrationMgmt Svcs

We provide integration of your third-party vendors, enterprise programs and services into CaféWell to enable sponsors to maximize the value of those resources through increased engagement, visibility, and usage reporting.

What Makes Welltok Different?


Centralized program management and reporting combined with integrated rewards simplifies operations and optimizes spend.


Select from an array of integrated condition management, wellness and health-related resources with proven results.


Only Welltok offers integrated resources at a scalable price. With our pricing model, you’ll only pay for those actually using the programs.

Our Connect Partners

Compass Health
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Join the In Crowd

Become a CaféWell Connect partner and reach millions of consumers through our existing relationships with the nation’s leading payers, employers and other population health managers.

Get a 360 Degree View of Your Population

Welltok Analytics Services are focused on the critical issues driving healthcare organizational performance, including quality of care, member acquisition and retention, operational efficiency, and financial performance
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How to use advanced analytics to engage consumers.

Our Approach

Through our patented machine learning and advanced analytics approach, we reveal the uncaptured risk within your population and use advanced analytics to:


    • Reveal impactable risk at an individual level
    • Identify the individuals most likely to engage
    • Recommend interventions with the highest probability of success


We incorporate learnings from our proprietary consumer database of over 270 million Americans to enhance client-provided population data and generate new knowledge on consumer needs and preferences. Our unique, consumer-centric analytical approach provides rapid, actionable insights tailored to your business needs.

Our proprietary consumer
database includes


Million Americans


Million Households



Analytics Offerings

Risk Adjustment

Reveal the uncaptured risk within your population and use advanced analytics to determine which of your activities can best capture it based on the receptivity of your consumers and providers.

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Our Risk Adjustment offering improves the targeting of risk adjustment activities to ensure proper reimbursement and enhanced quality of care. We reveal the uncaptured risk within your population and use advanced analytics to determine which programs will be most receptive by the consumer. This independent insight enables you to focus your resources more efficiently and reflect the disease burden of your population appropriately. Dynamic dashboards let you track your progress against plan and make mid-course corrections when needed, while minimizing member and provider abrasion.


Measurable business value delivered for our clients, includes:


    • $3,000 to 5,000 incremental revenue per member, per year
    • 2030% improvement in yield
    • 1015% increase in acceptance rates

Opportunity Analysis

Optimize the success of your programs with 360-degree population insights. Your profile includes health risks, financial impacts, engagement preferences and program receptivity.

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Our Opportunity Analysis offering provides a deep understanding of your population. The interactive dashboard enables you to drill into various segments of your population to understand the drivers of wellbeing needs, clinical risks, program utilization and engagement preferences. The Opportunity Analysis informs program design strategy and identifies areas to maximize health and business outcomes and enhance support for your population. The individual-level data that underlies the Opportunity Analysis also supports delivery of a unique Personal Health Itinerary® to each individual and enhanced recommendations over time through continuous learning from our cognitive computing capabilities.

Acquisition & Retention

Obtain actionable information on individual consumers to guide more effective investment at every stage of the annual acquisition and retention life cycle—from product design and marketing, to retention campaigns.

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Our Consumer Acquisition and Retention offering applies advanced analytics to provide insights about individuals − including their receptivity to a health plan’s brand and products, and their likelihood to enroll or dis-enroll. Through dynamic reports and dashboards, we provide actionable information that guides more effective investment at every stage of the annual acquisition and retention life cycle.


Measurable business value delivered for our clients, includes:


    • 1020% reduction in cost per acquired life
    • 2030% reduction in voluntary disenrollment
    • 20% higher lead conversion rates
    • Improved Star and other quality ratings

Care Directions

Reveals an individual’s risk of having care gaps or experiencing dissatisfaction, receptivity to program outreach, and the likelihood of closing gaps and improving compliance with prescribed tests or medications.

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Our Care Directions offering reveals crucial insights about each individual in your plan — not only their existing and emerging health risks, but also their receptivity to your interventions and the likelihood that these interventions will help them. This enables you to deploy your resources with greater precision, improving quality of care and impacting medical costs. We also provide decision support tools that let you understand the impact of your care management programs and track progress against plan.


Measurable business value delivered for our clients, includes:


    • 2-3% reduction in hospitalization and readmission rates
    • 5-10% improvement in hospice enrollment
    • 10-15% improvement in care management program engagement rates

Quality Insight

Reveal crucial insights about each individual in your plan—not only their existing and emerging health risks, but also their receptivity to your interventions and the likelihood that these interventions will help them.

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Our Quality Insight offering helps guide your quality management activities by revealing, at the individual level:


    • Members who have gaps in their care
    • Members who may be non-compliant
    • Members and providers who will be receptive to interventions


We go beyond traditional models, by prioritizing quality improvement opportunities with the greatest potential for impact—and the greatest likelihood of receptivity by your members.


Measurable business value delivered for our clients, includes:


    • Over 30% increase in engagement rates among top 20% of members identified as non-compliant
    • 56% greater than average increase in medication compliance (PDC) among the top 20% of members identified as non-compliant and engaged

Welltok in Action

By utilizing predictive analytics model, one national health plan generated 10:1 ROI for targeted care management outreach.

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Key Differentiators

Individual Insights

Identify individual health needs and preferences through predictive and prescriptive analytics to optimize programs and outreach.

360 Degree Consumer View

A holistic view of individual needs and preferences over time, based on data from inside and outside of the healthcare system.

Machine Learning

Patented machine learning leveraging genetic algorithms supporting analysis of thousands of variables to create population-specific models that guide individual recommendations.