DataWise - Welltok l Optimizing Health, Maximizing Rewards
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Data Enhancement Services
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Use Consumer Data to Power Smarter Analytics

Traditional healthcare data sources like claims and clinical are typically retrospective and are incapable of providing actionable insights to optimize program development and personalize outbound communication.

Welltok’s DataWise solution is the best way to supplement your current analytics efforts with robust consumer data and social determinants of health.  By combining your current data set with Welltok’s proprietary consumer database of more than 275M lives and 800+ variables, we help organizations gain unique and valuable population insights.

From optimizing the healthcare journey, to marketing and outreach development, to care delivery optimization and resource allocation, DataWise is the analytics engine you need to drive business results.

DataWise Gives You the Whole Picture

DataWise Use Cases

Consumer Journey Management

Understand individual preferences, behavior, and motivation to develop communication strategies tailored for your population.

Health Optimization

Apply insights gained from a deeper understanding of the individuals in your population, including opportunities to impact total health status, gaps in care, risk management programs, and member engagement.

Care Delivery Optimization

Leverage individual provider and facility performance data, treatment patterns, and regional benchmarks to accelerate the identification of and response to risks, opportunity, and best practices.

What Makes DataWise Different?


Consumer Data

We incorporate data from our proprietary consumer database – consisting of 800 variables on over 275 million Americans – to deeply enhance client-provided population data and generate new knowledge on consumer needs and preferences. Our unique, consumer-centric analytical approach provides rapid, actionable insights tailored to your business strategy.


360 Degree Consumer View

We provide a holistic view of individual-level needs and preferences, based on data from inside and outside of healthcare. With our predictive variables which include receptivity, impactability, and risk scores, we help you drive results for your organization.


Machine Learning

Our patented machine learning capabilities leverage proprietary algorithms and support analysis of thousands of variables to create population-specific models that guide individual recommendations.

Value We Deliver

More precise targeting compared to traditional data

In cost savings

Increase in impacted members