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Welltok Consumer Activation Platform®
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What is Consumer Activation?

Individuals taking actions to improve or sustain their health and wellbeing is essential to transforming the health industry, yet there was no systematic way for them to do so. Welltok was the first to develop a platform to track and manage consumer health actions. As the Third Essential Platform® in healthcare, it complements existing clinical and claims systems, and is designed to support consumers in their journey to achieve and sustain optimal health.


We call it the Welltok Consumer Activation Platform because it does just that – gets consumers actively involved in their health from getting a flu shot, refilling a prescription or scheduling a well-child check-up to closing a gap in care, improving medication adherence or managing a chronic condition.

Consumer health actions vary at an individual level, and must be served up as such. For example, recommending a resiliency training program and coaching session to a stressed employee is personalized, actionable, and likely very welcomed. Whereas, recommending a smoking cessation program to a non-smoker would be irrelevant and a deterrent to overall participation. Providing personalized recommendations exponentially increases participation, as well as maximizes investments by the sponsor.


Our key metric of success for sponsors of the Welltok Consumer Activation Platform is, “Did they complete the recommended action?”

How We View Personalization

Personalization goes beyond segmentation. It is leveraging all types of data (healthcare and non-healthcare) to understand an individual’s health needs and connect them with highly-relevant resources, programs and incentives that drive action.


We have proven that by personalizing the experience for consumers, we can deliver tremendous value for them and their sponsors (our clients).

Personalization is an Expectation


Of American workers would increase wellbeing program participation if personalized


Of patients would be more likely to follow pre/post visit info if personalized


Of consumers want their communications preferences honored

Consumer Activation Capabilities

The Welltok Consumer Activation Platform is designed to systematically connect individuals with the right resources and rewards to empower them to become their best selves


Our proprietary consumer data, including social determinants of health, and advanced analytics provide unparalleled insights to identify and target the right individuals with tactics that will motivate action


Our scalable enterprise-level platform and technology organizes resources to build Personal Health Itineraries® that drive sustained action and better outcome


We take a holistic view of programs organization-wide to make adjustments that can exponentially increase value over time