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Connect Partner Ecosystem
Organizing the Chaos and Making the Right Connections
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Making all the Right Connections to Resources that Drive Action

When you’re building the ideal experience for your population, you should be thinking about leveraging the resources that will drive the action you’re seeking. This means finding the right partners who have carefully assembled content and activities that will motivate people in a targeted and personalized way.


With Welltok’s Connect Partner Ecosystem, you can enhance the experience for every individual by selecting from a premier list of industry-leading Connect Partners, including programs on general health and wellbeing, prevention, condition management, benefit education, and much more!

With Welltok, you can build a targeted experience for your consumers that goes well beyond traditional programs and leverages best-of-breed content and activities – all integrated with our SaaS technology, Welltok Itinerary. And, since all programs are part of an aggregated action plan (yours, Connect Partners, Welltok), you’ll also gain cross-program insights into program activation and completion, program performance and opportunities for increasing engagement. All this in one well-organized experience, with the highest level of security and privacy.

Our Connect Partners

Welltok organized 36 different partners for IBM employees

Key Capabilities

Technology Integration

Our enabling technology allows seamless integration, delivery and management of third-party resources within Welltok Itinerary, providing single source management and cross-program insight. We provide integration of your third-party vendors, enterprise programs and services into Welltok Itinerary to maximize the value of those resources through increased engagement, visibility, and usage reporting

Simplified Management

Let Welltok manage the contracting and integration of independent programs to simplify operations and optimize spend. We offer centralized program management and reporting, as well as the ability to integrate incentives to drive utilization

Curated, Proven Resources

Welltok has curated an array of proven resources for all aspects of health and wellbeing including condition management, physical, nutrition, stress management, and much more.

Utilization Pricing

Only Welltok offers integrated Connect Partner resources at a scalable price. With our pricing model, you’ll only pay for those actually using the programs

Join the In Crowd

Become a Welltok Connect Partner and reach millions of consumers through our existing relationships with the nation’s leading payers, employers providers and other population health managers