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We Keep Good Company…
Meet Our Connect Partners
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Making all the Right Connections to Resources that Drive Action

Welltok only works with the best! Our Connect Partner Ecosystem covers the full spectrum of total wellbeing support from condition and pain management to resilience training and financial coaching. By pre-integrating our partners, we make it easy for client to launch programs that specifically meet the needs of their populations.


Ecosystem Value

Curated, Proven Programs
In-depth assessment to identify best-of-breed programs across all aspects of wellbeing
Simplified Administration
Management of contracting and integration of independent programs to simplify operations and optimize spend
Technology with Advanced Personalization
Connecting individuals with the right programs and partners to drive action

Our Connect Partners

  • 9zest allows physical, occupational, speech therapists and their clients to cater to the workout needs for debilitating neurological and orthopedic conditions, including Parkinson’s, stroke & chronic pain
  • Alight Solutions is a leading provider of integrated benefits, payroll and cloud solutions.
  • BioIQ helps gather biometric data through home test kits, on-site screening events, local labs, or physician visits. Participants enjoy a cohesive interface for ordering tests, scheduling appointments, and viewing results.
  • Canary infuses standard condition management with self-management for a holistic approach that has proven outcomes to lower A1C, reduce depression symptoms and lower the cost of care.
  • GlobalFit offers exclusive savings to over 8,000 gyms in the network – national, regional and local clubs in over 60 major cities and surrounding areas.
  • HealthFitness integrates fitness management, population health management, condition management to create cultures of health within organizations.
  • Hello Heart is designed to empower people to understand and improve their heart health – a main cost factor for employers.
  • HES provides theme-based workplace wellness challenges that provide engaging participant experiences and rich, immersive content. A suite of award-winning workplace wellness challenges focusing on fitness, nutrition, stress and weight management.
  • Hinge Health: Digital musculoskeletal program that takes a preventive non-surgical approach to help patients reduce chronic pain and avoid unnecessary surgeries.
  • KrowdFit is a wellness incentive program that provides the ability to earn unlimited cash rewards for engaging and sustaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Kurbo Health provides the only proven, scalable solution to help kids, teens, and their families combat childhood obesity in the comfort of their own homes and at a fraction of the cost of any other programs.
  • Livongo uses personalized digital guidance, and 24x7x365 access to health professionals to make it easier for people with chronic conditions to stay healthier.
  • meQuilibrium is a clinically-validated digital training platform designed to equip individuals with the skills they need to manage stress, improve focus, be more positive, and productive, and reach their full potential at work and home.
  • National Jewish Health is the only facility in the world dedicated exclusively to groundbreaking medical research and treatment of patients with respiratory, cardiac, immune and related disorders.
  • Nutrimedy is a web platform and mobile app that connects you to a registered dietitian for one-on-one nutrition counseling for a healthier happier you!
  • Optisom is comprehensive corporate sleep health program to improve employees health, safety and productivity.
  • PearSports provides a health and fitness software platform that delivers smarter digital coaching solutions.
  • Physera: Reduce pain, speed recovery and get lasting relief through individualized exercise programs and on-going support from an expert physical therapist – all through your smartphone.
  • PinnacleCare’s health advisory services provide expert medical opinions and personalized guidance for employees facing serious diagnoses, that help both employees improve medical outcomes and save money.
  • Pro-Change assists smokers in all stages of readiness to quit and helps those who have quit stay smoke-free.
  • SimpleTherapy is a digital program that guides participants with musculoskeletal disorders to relief. It uses evidence-based exercise therapy, health coaching, and sensorless technology to address MSK across 18 different body parts.
  • Telespine is an online, 8-week program for lower back pain. It’s based on over 100 clinical studies that show you can have near-term and lasting relief by spending just 10 minutes a day with Telespine.
  • Total Brain helps you understand an train all brain capacities so that you can manage your mental health just the way you mange your physical health.
  • US Corporate Wellness provides personalized, high ROI employee wellness solutions for organizations of all sizes, structure and industries. Coaching, trackers, challenges, and more.
  • Virta Health offers the first clinically-proven treatment to reverse type 2 diabetes without drugs or surgery. Through a novel virtual clinic model, Virta returns patients’ blood sugar to normal levels, while safely eliminating all diabetes-specific drugs, including insulin.
  • Vivante Health provides an all-in-one digestive care solution delivered by employers and health plans
  • Webpsychology helps bring psychological health, healing, and the realization of life’s full potential to all who seek it.
  • Wellness Corporate Solutions powered by LabCorp, provides strategic comprehensive well-being solutions and insights that drives population health imporvement nationwide.
  • Wellsource harnesses the power of technology to create scientific, evidence-based health risk assessment solutions and wellness tools that deliver actionable data so health and wellness professionals can achieve better outcomes.
  • Workit Health provides telemedicine addiction treatment with compassionate clinicians, therapists, and coaches over live chat and video.
  • Zamzee kids use an activity tracker to track their steps and a fun website to get motivated to move more. And it’s not just for kids – parents can play along too. The best part? All this moving can be rewarding – literally. You can earn gift cards just for being active.
  • Zipongo empowers your employees and health plan members to improve their nutrition, cutting your costs and improving overall engagement, productivity, and loyalty.

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