Concierge - AI Chatbot for On-Demand Consumer Guidance | Welltok
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AI Powered Chatbot for
On-Demand Consumer Guidance
AI Powered Chatbot for On-Demand Consumer Guidance

Imagine having the ability to provide on-demand answers to complex benefit questions and reducing the cost of call center support through live agents. The wait is over.

Welltok’s Concierge is an AI-powered chatbot that provides on-demand answers to questions about benefits and healthcare costs. Concierge delivers thousands of conversational responses based on consumer information – helping you create a more personalized experience, drive more efficient and lower cost resource utilization, and boost satisfaction.

Built on our long-term, strategic partnership with IBM Watson Health, we have spent years training Watson technology on key topics that facilitate self-service healthcare answers. Concierge can be enabled on CaféWell, or deployed within your current environment on a stand-alone basis.


Analyzes consumer profiles and context to personalize responses using natural language processing.

24/7 Service

Provides on-demand access to program knowledge and relevant answers without the jargon.

Guided Interface

Handholding and deep links to navigate users through next steps and appropriate answers.

Intelligent Machine Learning

Enhances responses based on consumer questions and feedback.

Consumer Service Insights

Generates aggregate and user-level reports to understand consumer interactions.


What Makes Welltok Different?


IBM Watson Partnership

Our strategic relationship with IBM Watson Health is the foundation of Concierge. We have spent more than four years training the AI chatbot technology.


Highly Configurable

With Concierge, you choose which topics to make available to your consumers, from benefit navigation and education to cost transparency and general health awareness.


On or Off Platform

Take advantage of Concierge within CaféWell, or seamlessly integrate it in your own environment.

Client Value

Reduced Call Volume


At least 25% of your benefit-related questions are answered by Concierge

Estimated Cost Savings

With Concierge, we estimate our clients can save $30-40 PMPM

Higher Satisfaction

Greater satisfaction from faster, more personalized member interactions

Consumer Value


of users are now more educated
about their benefits


of users trust the information
provided to them.


of users say that Concierge is an innovative feature they enjoy using