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Welltok Campaigns
Technology to Drive Better Campaign Results
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Coordinate and Manage Outreach Campaigns with Ease

Communication is the foundation of a positive consumer experience, yet there’s often no holistic way to manage communications across the entire organization. Uncoordinated messaging leads to disengaged members, lower satisfaction and suboptimal spending on ineffective outreach.

Welltok® Campaigns is the SaaS communication engine you need to meet this challenge. We help you reach members based on their individual preferences, ensure compliance and prevent over communication. With Campaigns, you can see and capitalize on opportunities to combine messages and maximize lower-cost channels. We do all this at scale with built-in efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Smarter Enterprise Communications

Stop the Madness

Use Welltok Campaigns to manage your enterprise communication campaigns all in one place, with total visibility across campaigns and population engagement

Improve Coordination

Stop overcommunicating and diluting your messages. Use effective communication channels that align with personal preferences. Prioritize and sequence communications to get better results and drive action

Optimize Campaigns

We have developed a large library of campaigns incorporating best practices for scripting, sequencing and multi-channel coordination based on our extensive experience

Leverage Our Expertise

Leverage our extensive experience executing campaigns big and small across the industry to support your objectives and spend your money wisely

Campaign Features

Synchronize Communications

Reach everyone in your population using interactive voice, SMS/text, email or direct mail. Carry the same conversation across multiple channels on a year-round basis with the relevant information your consumers care about

Multi-Lingual Support

Support communication in multiple languages within a campaign across channels and deliver individual communications using the member’s preferred language

Campaign Design & Management

Sequence communications across multiple channels, using business rules and logic to set workflow design, sequence, escalate and store templates for future use. Handle preferences and permissions with a longitudinal engagement record within the campaign and DNC lists

Advanced Targeting & Delivery 

Reach people in their preferred channel where and when they are most receptive to your message

Not Ready for SaaS? Let us Help!

If you need help building and executing communication campaigns – but you’re not quite ready for SaaS deployment, let Welltok help you get there. With our Campaign Services, we can engage quickly to build multi-channel campaigns that leverage our best practice library and deliver speed to market for your organization across all campaign categories.

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