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A Data-Driven SaaS Platform used to
Engage and Reward Healthy Behaviors
Organize the growing spectrum of health and wellbeing resources into a unified, highly personalized, and rewarding consumer experience.

CaféWell is the digital solution you need to host and configure health and wellbeing resources in one central place. This innovative and award-winning SaaS platform guides consumers toward optimal health through highly personalized programs, resources, and incentives. In turn, you as the population health manager receive key insight needed to understand the adoption and impact of all programs.

Key features of CaféWell include:

    • Personal Health Itinerary® – Data-driven, personalized action plan that includes a dynamic set of activities, resources and content designed for each individual consumer.
    • Rewards – Integrated rewards incentivize consumers to engage in key programs, while providing administrators flexible rule configuration and fulfillment options.
    • Organized Ecosystem – We organize the chaos with in-house curated content, Connect Partner programs, and integration of your programs – all in one place.
    • CaféWell Coaching – Coaching expertise in a wide range of areas, available for live group video sessions, blogs, and personal messaging as an approachable and interactive way of learning about wellbeing topics. Upgrade to the full-featured CaféWell Coaching to engage consumers with your own coaches, care advisors and benefit managers.
    • CaféWell Concierge – On-demand, 24/7 artificial intelligent chatbot to guide consumers digitally through complicated benefits in a conversational, simplified way.
    • CaféWell Central – Robust administration module to gain program insight and manage platform configurations from a central location.

CaféWell Impacts Lives


Engaged by personalized activities/programs


Motivated to be healthy by receiving rewards


More educated about their health

Brand Building

Improved perception of health sponsor

What Makes CaféWell Different?



Organized and Highly Configurable Ecosystem

All of your initiatives are centralized into a seamless experience. We start by incorporating the programs you’ve already invested in, then add programs developed by Welltok and our award-winning Connect Partners. The result is an extensive library of programs that are unique to your population and facilitate year-round digital engagement.


Flexible Online and Offline Engagement

With CaféWell, individuals are rewarded for completing actions whether they do them online or offline. Whether through self-attestation, claims or other methods, we can create a holistic experience that meets the individual where they are.


Highly Personalized Experience

Our approach to building a Personal Health Itinerary® for each individual starts with predictive analytics. We use proprietary consumer data (based on 275 million Americans) to incorporate the full spectrum of insights at the individual level. These insights form the basis of a targeted and highly personalized experience for each person.

Value We Deliver for CaféWell Clients

Building the Healthiest
Workforce in America

reported health
Case Study

Unifying the Wellbeing Experience

increase in average monthly usage of digital health assets
Case Study

Creating a Path
to Better Health

have completed biometric screenings and HRAs
Case Study

Our Connect Partners

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