Cafewell - Welltok l Optimizing Health, Maximizing Rewards
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Creating a Platform for Health
Introducing a platform that empowers and enables every consumer to achieve and sustain their optimal health
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Welltok receives Frost & Sullivan’s Product Leadership Award

What is Health Optimization?

We believe that every consumer can achieve their optimal health. It starts by recognizing that the majority of consumers make daily choices that impact their health, ranging from eating healthy and exercising, to managing a chronic condition like diabetes, or even understanding their benefits.

Health optimization factors in all the variables that impact an individual’s health including demographics, health status and available benefits. By making healthcare more personal and connecting individuals with the right resources and incentives, consumers can and will make the choices that put them on the path to being their best selves.


Centura Health, the Rocky Mountain region’s largest healthcare network, creates a path to better health for its 22,000 associates.

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CaféWell Health Optimization Platform

As the Third Essential Platform™, CaféWell complements claims and clinical enterprise platforms by systematically  supporting all aspects of a consumer’s health around and beyond care episodes. CafeWell organizes the growing spectrum of health-related programs and resources into a unified, highly personalized and rewarding consumer experience. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution eliminates IT hassles and reduces implementation risk, increasing speed to market and improving cost predictability. And of course, CaféWell provides the HITRUST CSF certified environment and HIPAA compliance you require.

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5 Essential Capabilities of a Health
Optimization Platform

Only CaféWell provides the full spectrum of capabilities needed to effectively manage your population — enabling you to better understand your population and precisely target resources through advanced analytics, incorporate programs and resources that are highly relevant, guide users to adapt new behaviors, and recognize and reward individual efforts.

Benefits of the Platform

Highly Configurable

As an agnostic platform, only CaféWell enables you to seamlessly integrate all of your programs, resources and rewards—regardless of source.

Personalized Guidance

Personal Health Itinerary® combines consumer information with resources and rewards to create a data-driven, personalized action plan for each and every user.

Unified Experience

With CaféWell, all of your initiatives are centralized into a seamless consumer experience, simplifying operations and streamlining communications.

CaféWell Has an Impact on
Consumer Lives



Engaged by personalized activities/programs



Motivated to be healthy by receiving rewards



More educated about their health

Brand Building


Improved perception of health sponsor

What Makes Welltok Different?


Organized and Highly Configurable Ecosystem

All of your initiatives are centralized into a seamless experience. We start by incorporating the programs you’ve already invested in, then add programs developed by Welltok along award-winning Connect Partner programs you select. The result is an extensive library of programs that are unique to your population and facilitate year-round digital engagement.


Flexible Online and Offline Engagement

With CaféWell, individuals are rewarded for completing actions whether they do them online or offline. Whether through self-attestation, claims or other methods, we can create a holistic experience that meets the individual where they are.


Highly Personalized Experience

Our approach to building a Personal Health Itinerary® for each individual starts with predictive analytics. We use proprietary consumer data (based on 275 million Americans) to incorporate the full spectrum of insights at the individual level. These insights form the basis of a targeted and highly personalized experience for each person.


Incentive Management Expertise

With experience executing more than 40 million reward transactions, we are experts in helping you centralize incentive management, optimize spend, automate data management and fulfillment, and track program progress.


Best in Class Enterprise Security

HIPAA compliant, HITrust CSF Certified