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Analytics Services
Transforming Your Business with Big Data Insights
and Advanced Analytics
When You Know Better, You Do Better: Transforming Your Business with Big Data Insights and Advanced Analytics.

Welltok’s Analytics Services help you address the critical business and quality factors that drive business performance. Especially in healthcare, organizations must consider the transformative impact that insights derived from consumer data can make. This is where Welltok comes in. We are leaders in advanced analytics and aligning business strategy with new and instructive insights. Let us show you how.

Our Proprietary Consumer
Database Includes:

Million Americans
Million Households

Traditional Analytics are:


Tend to be reactive in nature and based on historical data


Use analytics models that aren’t dynamic and don’t allow for changes over time


Not using all relevant data, missing the consumer perspective and social determinants of health


Providing insights that aren’t actionable

Welltok Flips the Script with Data that is:


Prospective in nature to reveal uncaptured population risks, individuals likely to respond, and effective communication channels


Advanced analytics models that evolve and allow for changes over time


Leveraging all relevant inputs, including your population data and our proprietary database


Providing concrete insights and targeted strategies to reach your goals

What Makes Welltok Different?



We incorporate learnings from our proprietary consumer database of 275 million Americans to enhance client-provided population data and generate new knowledge on consumer needs and preferences.


360 Degree
Consumer View

A holistic view of individual needs and preferences over time, based on data from inside and outside of the healthcare system.



Patented machine learning and genetic algorithms support analysis of thousands of variables to create population-specific models that guide individual recommendations.

Analytics Service Offerings

Acquisition and Retention

Apply advanced analytics to derive insights about individuals − including their receptivity to a health plan’s brand and products, and their likelihood to enroll or dis-enroll.  We provide actionable information that guides more effective investment at every stage of the annual acquisition and retention life cycle.

Quality Insight

Uncover crucial insights about each individual in your population—not only their existing and emerging health risks, but also their receptivity to your interventions and the likelihood that these interventions will help them. We go beyond traditional models, by prioritizing quality improvement opportunities with the greatest potential for impact—and the greatest likelihood of receptivity by your members.

Care Directions

Our Care Directions offering reveals crucial insights about each individual in your plan — not only their existing and emerging health risks, but also their receptivity to your interventions and the likelihood that these interventions will help them. This enables you to deploy your resources with greater precision, improving quality of care and impacting medical costs. We also provide decision support tools that let you understand the impact of your care management programs and track progress against plan.

Risk Adjustment

Discover uncaptured risk within your population and use advanced analytics to determine which of your activities can ensure proper reimbursement and enhanced quality of care based on the receptivity of your members. This independent insight enables you to focus your resources more efficiently and reflect the disease burden of your population appropriately. Dynamic dashboards let you track your progress against plan and make mid-course corrections when needed, while minimizing member and provider abrasion.

Value We Deliver with Analytics Services

Reduce Member


reduced cost from $500 to $155 per member

Case Study

Reduce Disenrollment
and Improve Star


saving $25M to $97M in premiums

Case Study

Targeted Care


improvement in program engagement

Case Study