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Welltok ActivationPro
Consumer Activation with Human Touch and Digital Technology
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Activate Consumers with the Right Mix of Digital & Human Touch

Getting people activated in their health and wellbeing isn’t easy, especially when compounded by managing chronic conditions and higher risk. Many of these consumers want and need personal interaction with professionals to support their individual journey.


But most organizations lack the scalable technology to meet consumers’ needs and deliver a structured, flexible and integrated digital experience that also connects them with personal health coaches and health professionals.

With Welltok® ActivationPro, we’ve combined the power of human support with the scalable efficiency of a SaaS platform, helping you facilitate an individual journey that is truly personal and engaging. It allows consumers to deepen their experience and interactively partner with health professionals across the spectrum of hi-touch assistance to digital activities.


With the combination of live coaches from your organization or partner and our enterprise software, you have the tools to maximize engagement with your target population, improve health outcomes, and reduce overall costs.

Value for Every Stakeholder

Coaches & Health Professionals

Streamline workflow with digital tools, enable digital coaching, manage scheduling, and staff resources and automated outreach and enrollment activities

Program Managers

Leverage a comprehensive set of operational technology and capabilities to ensure services are being delivered with high quality and efficiency


Get more engaged with individual health and wellbeing through personalized engagement with health coaching, professionals and targeted resources

Key Capabilities

Flexible and Scalable Operational Control

ActivationPro’s operational capabilities enable you to scale efficiently, maintain high quality, and adapt easily to changes in business processes. Our analytics automatically load balances your workforce based on case load, availability, and service to be rendered. You will never have to manage assignment through spreadsheets again


ActivationPro can be easily integrated with Welltok Itinerary or embedded into external web portals in a stand-alone mode to create an integrated coaching/professional experience with your current initiatives. We can also incorporate notes from your existing systems (e.g., Care Management, EHRs)

Multi-Channel Engagement

Professionals can work with consumers across multiple channels and manage personalized coaching and engagement plans that enable them to be more effective and efficient at affecting positive change


Welltok Rewards is fully integrated with ActivationPro, making it easy to drive behavior change (for example, rewarding the consumer for participating in sessions or meeting specific goals)


Coaches and consumers partner to develop an action plan with focus areas as well as long term, weekly, and small-step plans to achieve and sustain optimal health

Simple Enrollment and Onboarding

Once qualified for a service, a consumer can easily self-enroll or get assistance to ensure a streamlined onboarding experience